Tallahassee Magazine, March/April Jazz Videos


Tallahassee Magazine recently did a story about the jazz scene in the city. One facet of the story was about local jazz musician, Scotty Barnhart.

Most of the time, when I’m shooting videos for the magazine, I’m using an iPad. It’s not the best option out there if you’re looking to get into video production, but for what we’re doing, it does the trick. It’s a great tool that allows me to do a whole bunch of things when I’m out and about. For this photo shoot, the action was taking place in Scotty Barnhart’s office on the FSU campus. One of his students was also there for a teaching session. When the two began talking about doing a duet, I knew it would be awesome for the video to have two different camera angles, but only having one iPad was going to make that tricky. Then I had the thought to also use my personal iPhone, and have a two-camera set up with both devices. They played the song again after this take and I was able to grab a two-shot that I also used in the final video. So with a little bit of cheating, this winds up looking like a three-person camera crew came in to shoot this. I’ve got to applaud Apple on their image stabilization, too. I can’t have been terribly steady on my own when shooting this.

Video was also shot by Tristan Kroening at the B Sharp Jazz Club and I turned that footage into an additional support video for the story.

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