Tallahassee Magazine, March/April Cosplay Video

tm-ma-14-coverTallahassee Magazine recently did a story about local cosplayers. This story was written by one of the “Geek Girls” who appeared as a guest in episode 3 of Nerd Lunch: The Web Series¬†and talked about her own experiences with cosplay as well as those of the other “Geek Girl” from Nerd Lunch 3.

Of course, the story dictated there be some photography taken of these cosplayers in their outfits. Scott Holstein took the photos and he was also the photog on Nerd Lunch: The Web Series. So a little reunion of sorts came out of this photo shoot since I decided a “behind-the-scenes” video needed to be done.

I think the results turned out pretty good and really helped show off the outfits and work as a great piece of additional content for the publication’s website.

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